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Alex and Amy’s Engagement Shoot

Amy has been in my life since fourth grade. We’ve been through so much together: attempting to play sports, dealing with middle school crushes, and a heartbreaking move that took me to Washington. Even when separated, we remained each other’s best friend. She’s been a sister to me.

Over two and a half years ago, a man entered her life. This man was Alex. The whole time they’ve been together, I’ve seen the joy they’ve exchanged, the happiness they’ve brought each other. In early December of 2011, Alex proposed. What did this mean? Engagement shoot time! While shooting these two, it’s obvious that their spark is still alive. The kindness and affection they exude is touching. Inspired by Disney Pixar’s UP, we spent the day in Lodi, California.



Alex proposed at Disneyland! For this reason, my mother, Therese, creator of many of the DIY props, chose to emphasize Anaheim on one of the map hearts. Amy has been going to Disneyland at least once a year since I met her. Needless to say, she’s a fan. Anyone who knows her knows that she just wouldn’t be able to say no to a proposal in Disneyland! Leading her to her favorite spot, Snow White’s Wishing Well, Alex pulled out a 2009 penny (the year they started dating) and told her to make a wish. After throwing the penny in the well, Amy turns around only to find Alex down on one knee.
“We have a love and connection with one another that I rarely see anymore. And this day in particular will stay in my heart forever and always.” – Amy


Cupcakes, pinwheels, and hearts made by Therese Burns. She even donated her antique milk glass to the shoot!


A little frosting on the nose never hurt anyone!







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11 thoughts on “Alex and Amy’s Engagement Shoot

  1. Love this shoot! So pretty!

  2. Trisha on said:

    I can’t believe you much I miss you sweetie! Or tell you how beautiful I think you and alex are together in every last one of these photos.

  3. Trisha on said:

    Haha, sorry Kelly, i totally thought I was on Amy’s blog, but you take fantastically stunning photos!

  4. Nicole on said:

    This is absolutely adorable!!! I love all of the pictures! The coloring is wonderful and I love all the joy with the bride & groom. I think that you did an incredible job really capturing every moment.

  5. Cole on said:

    These are fantastic! Brought a proud, manly tear to my eye. :’D

  6. Leticia & James on said:

    Oh my gosh, these pictures are beautiful!!! You two are a wonderful couple. This makes me want to get married all over again!!! Love you guys ❤

  7. Suzi on said:

    Great job on the pictures. This is Amy’s Aunt Suzi.

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