Kelly Marie Photography

Kenny and Michelle’s Paat and Chunni Ceremony

After recently photographing Michelle’s Tiffany & Co. themed bridal shower, I was pleased to be asked to capture the moments of her Paat and Chunni ceremony with her fiancé, Kenny. The two make a beautiful couple and I wish them a future full of happiness.

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_01

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_02

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_03

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_04

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_05Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_06

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_07Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_08 

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_09

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_10

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_11

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_12

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_13

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_14

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_15

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_16Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_17

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_18Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_19 

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_20

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_21Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_22

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_23Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_24 

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_25

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_26

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_27

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_28

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_29

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_30Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_31 

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_34

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_32Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_33 

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_35

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_36

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_37Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_38 

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_39

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_40

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_41

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_42

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_43

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_44Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_45 

Kelly Marie Photo_Kenny&Michelle_46

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