Kelly Marie Photography

Taylor’s Country Portraits

This past week, I photographed Taylor, of Lavish Locks and Lashes. I love working with other wedding vendors, and this makeup artist made the perfect model. With both of us country girls at heart, we wanted to take advantage of the rolling golden hills of Clements, California.

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_01

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_02

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_03Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_04 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_05

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_06Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_07

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_08Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_09 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_10

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_11

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_12Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_13 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_14

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_15

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_16Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_17 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_18

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_19

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_20Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_21 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_22

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_23

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_24Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_25 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_26

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_27Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_28 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_29

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_30

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_31

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_32

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_33

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_41

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_42Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_43 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_44

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_45Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_46 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_47

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_48Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_49 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_50

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_34Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_35 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_36

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_37

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_38

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_39Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_40 

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_51

Kelly Marie Photography_TaylorBlog_52

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