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Ignite the Soul // Las Vegas Portraits

Cody Canyon, of Ignite the Soul, is inspiring others with his music, his holistic nutrition, and his positive outlook on life. In 2012, he woke up in the middle of the night with a melody in his head. Cody recognized that this melody was something he needed to capture, and so lieu of sleep, he opened GarageBand and did just that. His passion for music has evolved into a career.

“Ignite the Soul is cinematic, orchestral music made with the purpose to inspire you to be the best version of yourself; to look inside and find the hero within you. It is music made to motivate, to ignite the very foundations of your soul and launch you to new heights; to ascend beyond your limitations. I write this music to send a positive and life bringing message across the world. In order to have positive change in the world, the change has to start with the people in it.”

You can listen to Ignite the Soul on Soundcloud, Itunes, and you can follow his work on Instagram.

Cody is also a certified holistic healer and is taking on new clients.

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