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Jon and Lexi // Half Moon Bay Engagement

You just gotta love mutual friends. Jon and Lexi met in Scottsdale, Arizona where they joined their friends in getting a drink one evening. She was living there at the time, and he was visiting for a friend’s wedding. “I never thought that night would lead me to marrying Jon five years later.” For two years, Jon and Lexi made long distance work before she moved out to the Bay Area. In those years, the two didn’t go one day without talking.
Jon’s proposal to Lexi is so sweet that I think it’s best to let her tell the story: “I had NO idea it was coming, completely clueless, still am. We were doing a little staycation in Pebble Beach, which we do annually, so I was not caught off guard by the trip. He kept asking me to go on a walk by the water, but I was just so cozy by the fire that I didn’t want to. Finally, I gave in, and we went for the walk where he got down on one knee. I think I said, ‘What are you doing? What is that?’ I did forget the yes part, mostly because I was in shock. I said YES! (a few moments later), and he had one more surprise. I looked up the hill & MY MOM was there! He flew my mom out because he knew she was the way to my heart. That’s when I really lost it.”

Jon and Lexi will be married in Arizona where they met.

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