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Tips for Perfect Proposal Photos

Engagement season is quickly approaching! If you’re planning on proposing to your special someone this season, will you be having it photographed? If so, I’ve put together some tips on how you can get the best photos of your proposal. It’s such a huge moment for you and your soon-to-be fiancé; you want every advantage you can get.
I have photographed many proposals, and I love it! It’s absolutely amazing to be able to capture such a raw, emotional moment.

1. Think about lighting.
This is honestly the most important thing to consider for photos. Lighting is everything for photographers. If you want the best light for your proposal, make sure to have the photographer facing the sun (you should have one shoulder facing the sun and one shoulder facing the photographer). If the location doesn’t allow for this, shade is also a good option. You want to avoid squinting and having harsh shadows on your faces.

2. On that note, consider the time of day.
It’s best to avoid the middle of the day. With the sun being directly overheard, you get unflattering shadows on faces. The hour and a half before sunset or a couple hours after sunrise are the best times. The light is much softer at this time of day. Plus, sunset is romantic. Go for the romance!

3. You have the place and time. Now it’s time to incorporate your photographer.
There are a couple ways to go about this. If you want your photographer to be a complete fly on the wall, then think about your surroundings. Perhaps they can be behind a tree or building. If you’re proposing in a spot that tends to attract people, then it can be easy for your photographer to blend in as a tourist with a camera. For the best setup, here is what I recommend: ask your photographer to take a photo with your phone! That way your photographer can subtly set you up with the best angle. This will also be a good cue that the proposal is about to start.

4. Make sure your special someone is picture ready!
Here are some things to avoid for photos: sunglasses, scrunchies on wrists (which 99% of ladies sport), and big purses. If you can get your lady to leave her purse in the car or use a smaller purse for the day, do it. Big purses can be distracting in photographs! Lastly, if she has long hair, try to sweetly tuck it behind her ear before you propose. She’ll appreciate the gesture and it’ll be easier to get her reaction in the photos. If you can’t manage these things without making them suspicious, don’t worry! That’s what the post-proposal photos are for.

5. Time to get down on one knee and pop the question!
First off, for that iconic shot, make sure one shoulder is facing your photographer and one shoulder is facing the background. When you get down on one knee, try to stay on one knee as long as possible. This will guarantee that your photographer has enough time to get the iconic shot plus any other fun angles.

Guess what? You did it! You now have a fiancé!
If you take all of these points into consideration, you’re bound to have amazing photos to commemorate this moment. After that, take a minute to let your fiancé compose themselves and take some post-proposal photos. The happy glow in these photos is beautiful, and it’s great to have these to look back on.

So, are you ready to propose? If you have any questions about proposal photos, please feel free to reach out! Looking for someone to capture this moment for you? Count me in!

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