Robbie and Jerriann // Tahoe Wedding Shoot

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Covid has affected all of us this year, and my heart goes out to those who had to change their wedding plans, like Robbie and Jerriann. It brought me such joy that they decided to go ahead with a small wedding in their hometown of Folsom, to keep their original date. Originally, their wedding was going to be in Tahoe. When it started looking like they weren’t going to get their Tahoe wedding, I suggested a post-wedding shoot in the area. I’m so glad they were up for the idea! We trekked through the trees, wandered in the beautiful mountain light, and ended the evening on the shores of Lake Tahoe. We stretched out their wedding festivities, and I got to capture their love in the place they originally intended. With all the love and adoration and sweetness Robbie and Jerriann exude, I’ll take any excuse to have them in front of my camera.